Spread the word & I’ll thank you with cold hard cash!

This company was built by word of mouth marketing & wouldn’t be here today without it!

Prestige Digital incentivizes you to spread the word about our amazing work and in turn, pay you for each successful connection! The cash is a way of saying thank you for introducing us to your family, friends, neighbours, fav. local business and just generally shouting our name from the rooftop!



Talk to your potential referral, ideally Prestige Digital is looking for clients that are motivated, know what they want, have a budget and want to work together to meet their goals.


If you’ve assessed the individual / company to be a great fit to refer, get us connected! Send us an introduction email, message us on Facebook or invite us for a coffee date!

Get Paid!

Once the project you referred is all wrapped up and I’ve received my moola, I’ll send you yours!  *Payments are calculated on pre-tax amount, after expenses, don’t include annual services (like hosting) and capped at $500.

Let’s talk numbers…

Earn 10% of the referred project’s total!

Example: Say you refer your BFF’s new wellness spa and her final project total is $5000.
You will earn a total commission of $500… not too shabby!

Tips for a successful referral

Here are a few questions I suggest asking your prospective referral to determine if they are a right fit. Consider sharing your own project experience including both the positives and the challenges. Your goal is to prepare them for the required level of commitment but also to excite them!


– Have they ever had a website before?
– Do they have an established brand or do they need a logo + marketing material?
– What is their budget? (Projects generally range between $5000 and $8,000)
– What’s their timeline? (I book on average 6 weeks in advance)
– Do they have the time to invest in the process and collect the deliverables/assets?
Let's Get Social!
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